TP and PB at TJ’s

So our new apartment is directly over a Trader Joe’s. Temptation much? Um, yeah.

As a general rule, we do not purchase items in packages or boxes or cans when it comes to things we eat. And that’s pretty much all TJ’s carries. And in a month where we just moved in and KNEW we’d not be wanting to cook….this is dangerous! I kept telling myself that the only things we need to purchase from there are toilet paper and peanut butter. That’s it. But I walk in for those things, and there are all of these shiny displays….and samples — darn those Trader Joe’s samples!! It’s tough. I’m thinking, oh my goodness, how are we going to do this for the next year??

Temptation is everywhere when it comes to food. Or, for that matter, when it comes to slipping out of our health-promoting habits. You start a new job, and whoops, there goes the gym routine you’ve spent 6 months building up. You might be going in early to get a jump-start on things before others arrive or start calling you, or you might be staying late to get things done since you’re in a learning curve. Who feels like moving one’s body after a long day at a new job? Or how about having your kids start school? There are the open houses, the meet-the-teacher events, parent teacher organization kick-off meetings….and before you know it, you don’t even remember how to load the yoga instructional DVD. And even if you did you don’t feel like engaging anyway.

Take a deep breath and give yourself a break. For a minute, anyway. Transition times can be the hardest to maintain your healthy habits through. Of course we don’t feel like cooking when all of our pots and pans are in boxes. And we don’t have the energy to lift a weight if we just spent all day staring at a computer screen. So forgive yourself. And then, make yourself get off the couch. Or into the kitchen to find the nearest vegetable. Just do one thing. Stir fry some veggies and add it to that convenience food you just bought. It’s better than nothing. Walk around the block after work. If that’s all you can muster, it’s okay! At some point things will even out and slow down. You’ll have the space you need to do more, and you will.

In the meantime, I’m going to concentrate on making sure I walk out of TJ’s with ONLY TP and PB. Wish me luck.

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