And now, for the conclusion of my interview with Laura Flynn Endres of If you missed Part One, click here so that you are not missing out! When we left off last week, Laura was just extolling the virtues of HiiT (High-Intensity Interval Training). The are numerous, and I can personally attest to them! Read on to find out why YOU should be checking these workouts out – – NOW! Well, maybe not *right* now, finish reading this article, then go.


Meredith: What makes your workouts different from others?

Laura: I think the main things are:

a) I include instructions on proper form and, most important, modifications for all of my main workouts to make them accessible to more people, not just to the already-fit crowd.

b) I strive to hit all major muscle groups in creative ways. So we’re not just doing regular old bicep curls (not that there’s anything wrong with those!). Instead, we’re going to do curls, then overhead presses, while standing on one leg, then 2 jumping jacks, while belting out lyrics to old Aerosmith songs. (Kidding about the singing. Unless that speaks to you, then belt it out, sister!)  Because,…. why not? Let’s get as much bang for our buck as we can!


Meredith: Where do you get the ideas for a new workout every week?

Laura: My clients joke that I sit around all day and night thinking up new ways to torture them, and that’s not too far from the truth! I get ideas from others, but I adapt things all the time, and I work hard to be sure I cross-reference my workouts in a variety of ways. I plan the order of the exercises, the intensity, the equipment and weights involved, the body parts hit by each exercise and the workout as a whole, how often weight will be put on the hands, and so on.

I keep a vast library of exercise ideas handy (also categorized and cross-referenced) and I try everything before I put out videos. I’m constantly challenging myself to learn, to find new ways to challenge muscles while staying true to exercise fundamentals in terms of safety and range of motion, and to develop workouts that are challenging, fun, doable, and varied enough to keep your attention! And of course workouts that WORK.

These really are the same types of workouts I do for my own training.


Meredith: How can This Is Fit improve the quality of people’s lives?

Laura: I hope, more than anything, that my workouts build functional fitness in my followers. I want people to feel strong, proud, and capable. I want them to stand a little taller and feel good. It’s not about looks for me. It’s about function. It’s about quality of life. I am hopeful that my format speaks to people, because my workouts are short, but hard. They’re doable, but barely!

I also try to bring some sass and fun to it. I’m not perfect, I’m not a drill sergeant, I love laughing more than anything. I decided early on to show my true self in that way and not try to maintain some “other” persona, like a separate business persona. That’s not me.

And besides, laughing is so healthy! I hope I bring a breath of fresh air to a market that’s fully saturated with…. seriousness.


And there you have it, folks. What more could you possibly want? Finding a way to build strength and confidence, in a way that fits *you* personally. A huge THANK YOU to Laura Flynn Endres of for her time, and for her willingness to share her talents with all of us, so that we can all benefit by becoming our own kind of fit.

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