The Journey Continues – Week 2

I’m in week 2 of a transition in lifestyle. Last week I talked about getting started. This week I’m moving into more of what my habits will look like going forward. Click here to read the original story of why I’m doing this.

So last week was definitely rough around the edges. I really wanted some junk food, and I really had to force myself to get back into my HiiT workout schedule. Which seems ridiculous when I think about it, because it’s a whopping 15 MINUTES, for goodness’ sake. And only 3 times a week. But as I mentioned last week, it can be really hard to break habits. And even if those habits are NOT doing something, it’s hard to break them!

But once I got into the rhythm of my Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts, I felt like it was something I could continue. I’ve definitely had temptations along the way, especially with the sugar. Goodness gracious, it’s around every corner. I’ve started to read some of J.J. Virgin’s work, particularly her studies around sugar impact. I decided to take a look at all forms of sugar, including fruit and sauces, to see what I’m really ingesting. After a couple of weeks of trying to lower my sugar impact in my body, I can already feel a difference. There are certain foods that really make me feel icky if I am paying attention to how I feel after each meal. Certain foods really make me bloated, or just make me feel generally “blech” after eating them (a scientific term, I realize). This will be different for everyone, I realize. But this experiment is really helping me get to know my body. I began to wonder….is this new? Am I all-of-a-sudden sugar sensitive, or have I really been this way all the time and am just now realizing it because I’m paying attention?

I can also feel my stress creeping up. We’re getting ready to move out of our home and put everything we own in storage so we can housesit for the summer. It’s a big job. I’m surrounded by boxes. I’m staying up late because I feel like I want to pack a little every day so it doesn’t sneak up on me like every other move I’ve ever done, where we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off the day before we rent the truck. And about that truck….have we even looked into renting one yet? AAAahhhhh!!!

Whew. Sorry. Well anyway, the point is, I’m trying to stick to this. I’m trying to ignore the voice that says, “stay up late and get it all done – you don’t need that much sleep!” and “oh just eat the pizza…what harm could it do?” and “so what if you skip your meditation a few days in a row…this report for work is not going to write itself!!!”

It’s not easy. See you next week.

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