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Sonoran Rosie Tester Box — picked up locally by cargo bike!

I’m here with another product line review, and I’m SO excited to introduce my readers to Sonoran Rosie. 

We’d only been living in Tucson for a couple of months when my husband said to me, “I found someone I think you’re going to want to meet”. My husband came across Sonoran Rosie’s products while investigating all things local to Tucson. Sure enough, after doing some research, I learned that she has a fantastic Etsy shop full of handcrafted personal care goodies. Not only does she use plant ingredients, she uses fantastic local plants that are specific to this region.

I’ve been writing for years about wanting to find products that don’t contain scary ingredients. I read labels constantly, and am always trying new brands to see if they live up to their promises. I like to report back to you, the reader, what my experiences are, so you can decide for yourself if you think you’d like to try something new. Just for the record, I’m not affiliated with Sonoran Rosie and I paid for my products just like everyone else. The only benefit I am getting from writing this review is the satisfaction of knowing that I can let you all know about another safe option for products!

I saved up and ordered a tester box, because I wanted to try everything possible. My box included:

  • Desert Rain Fragrance Spray
  • Desert Dusk Fragrance Spray
  • Dust Storm Dry Shampoo
  • Dry Heat Deodorant
  • Prickly Pear Fruit Lip Balm
  • Lavender Texturizing Hair Salt Spray
  • Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner
  • Caliche Hair/Beard Pomade
  • Creosote & Rosemary Roll-On Oil
  • Creosote & Rosemary Cream
  • Desert Sun Creosote Sunscreen

In order to keep this article from becoming miles long, I’m going to highlight just a few of my favorites in depth, and then briefly summarize the other products. 

I absolutely can never again live without the Creosote & Rosemary Roll-On Oil. It’s fantastic. The Creosote & Rosemary Cream is also amazing and is a very similar product, with the main difference being the consistency of a cream vs. an oil. I actually am having a hard time picking a favorite between the two of these products. On the one hand, the oil is smaller and therefore fits into my pocket better, which makes it easily transportable so that I never have to be without it — seriously. I’ve been covered with mosquito bites lately, and this product works better than any I have ever used for soothing those itches. The cream, however, works great for covering larger areas and helping with skin issues like sunscreen or dry skin.

Second in line of the stars is the deodorant. I wasn’t even expecting to be that crazy about it. I have been happy enough with my homemade magnesium spray, and wasn’t really looking for a new option. However, Sonoran Rosie’s is the best. It did not irritate my skin the way some baking soda deodorants have in the past. It actually worked, unlike some of the other plant-based ones I’ve tried. It smells great and goes on easily. I might have to abandon my own homemade version!

Lastly, the sunscreen goes on well and has a great scent. It really works, which is important! It feels nice and smooth going on and not sticky or gritty the way others I’ve tried have sometimes felt. A good, safe ingredient sunscreen is one of those products that is so hard to find in stores. I know I can make it myself, and I even have a great recipe, but the fact is that I haven’t yet made the time to do it and love that someone else can do it for me!

My entire family loves the fragrances, and the scents last a long time — and not in the scary way that synthetic fragrances last.

My husband uses the hair/beard pomade and enjoys it. I enjoy the fact that I can touch his hair and not get a flesh wound. It holds his style without looking and feeling all stiff and sticky.

I’m not a huge dry shampoo user in general so I have only used that product once so far. I can say that it definitely absorbed excess oil in my hair.

The prickly pear lip balm has been taken by my daughter, but the few times I got to use it were good experiences! It smells divine and leaves lips smooth and soft.

I didn’t think that the sea salt spray would do much for my already very texture-heavy hair, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s great for a mid-week touch up when I’m not ready to wash yet but would like some additional life in my locks.

Lastly, the toner smells great and feels glorious on my face.

In summary, Sonoran Rosie is making products using safe ingredients that can actually benefit skin. I can tell that my skin and hair are happy after using them, which means a lot. Some product labels claim to be safe, but reactions I’ve had say otherwise. I trust Sonoran Rosie products and feel good about recommending them to you, my readers. Head on over to her Etsy shop today to pick up some now, and let her know that Meredith sent you!


  • Tricia Prues

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing these! When I went to a barber and cut my hair super short, I loved the smell of the pomade. I doubted I would have loved the look of the ingredients, though 😉 I didn’t feel like searching and searching online for one, so I figured I’d make my own after a friend sent me a recipe…

    …three months ago. Ha! So I might be checking this one out! Thanks for doing the work for me, Meredith!

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