Simplicity And Health

Lately I’ve been wanting to blog a bit about simplicity. At first I thought, I can’t do that, I’m a health and wellness advocate. What does simplicity have to do with health? Then, when I spent a little time thinking of it, I realize that the two are very much linked.

When I began my journey toward making my life less complicated, I had no idea what affect it would have long-term on my well-being. I only knew that I was tired. Physically, emotionally, in every sense of the word, just  – – tired.

I was tired of running from errand to errand. Tired of staying up late just to get things done. Those “things” included cooking, cleaning, talking to friends, surfing the Internet, researching a project, doing work that paid money, doing work that paid nothing, worrying, trying to spend time with my husband without kids around, fighting with my mother, keeping a watchful eye on my stuff to make sure no one took it, looking through all of my stuff to find something I couldn’t even remember why I needed to have in the first place, and the list goes on and on.

Slowly, but surely, over the course of the past 5 years, I’ve begun to let go. I’ve let go of the feeling of obligation to do certain things. I’ve let go of the expectations of others and of allowing them to influence my decisions. I’ve let go of all of that extra stuff that I was keeping “in case I needed it”. And as a result, I feel better. I feel lighter. I’m less tired. I have more time to sleep and rest and relax because I’m no longer up late looking for stuff, or up late cleaning (this doesn’t mean that my house is immaculate, by the way, it just means it’s good enough and then I move on), or up late driving from errand to errand or shuttling other people around from activity to activity (plus I no longer own a car). Having more time to sleep and rest and relax means that I have more time to focus on things I love, more time to prepare foods that help keep me healthy, more time to engage in activity that strengthens my body and my immune system, like running, walking, cycling, and dancing. I’m not sick as often, and when I am, I heal faster than I used to. It used to take me months to get over something as simple as a cough from a cold. I don’t remember the last time I actually even had a cold.

I challenge each of you to pick just one thing that you could simplify. Your schedule? Your meal plan? Your “obligation” to-do list? Pick just one area of your life and knock a few things out of it that you really don’t have to do and that aren’t serving you.

Simplicity has given me my life back. And I am ever so grateful.

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