Letting Go.

I had a great conversation with some ladies in a book club I belong to (one of 3 book clubs I’m in at the moment – – I like to read!) about the concept of “letting go” recently. We are all experiencing some life transitions and challenges right now. One of us is seeking a job…one of us just started a new job and moved…one of us is trying to find a new place to live and has a limited time in which to do so…one of us is trying to decide whether or not to do something different than what she’s doing in her company, and whether that would involve changing her current role or just adding to it. During our conversation, we all agreed that our frustrations were really the result of all of our feeling as though we are in control of something. With that feeling of control came a feeling of responsibility for how we must be doing something wrong to cause our frustrations. It felt as if we should all be able to just adjust to our new situations, or to “fix” them. The only problem with this? None of us are in control. Not even one tiny bit. We discussed how this can feel both bad and good, depending on our perspectives. On the one hand, if we aren’t in control, we can’t feel at fault. On the other hand, if we were in control, couldn’t we just work everything out, make life happy, and skip on our merry ways?

Then I read this article by Dayna Wood of Integrative Counsel. And wow. The way she approaches this very concept is so incredibly interesting. It really made me think. I love the idea that she introduces when she states, “harmony can be found within chaotic experience, which also could be described as change, creation, or a coming forth”.

We all will experience times in our lives when we feel a great deal of stress in the “not knowing”. Not knowing where we will live, not knowing how we will make money, not knowing where a relationship will lead. Some of this stress can really add up, and manifest itself in physical and/or emotional pain and discomfort. What if we could let some of this stress go? What if when we did that, the headache disappeared? Or that backache? That tight feeling in our neck and shoulders? What if when we let it go and stopped our mind from the worry, we could fall asleep and stay asleep? And if these things happened, what would it mean for our relationships? With our friends, our co-workers, our partners, our children? I suspect we’d find a great deal of peace in this letting go and approaching the next phase that will come out of this chaos. In fact, I don’t suspect – – I know. Because on those rare occasions when I’ve allowed myself to relax and see where the chaos takes me, I’ve always come out the other side more at peace.

Life’s a roller coaster, no matter who you are or how long you live. What if we just buckled our seat belts and went along for the ride? I suspect we’d find a new kind of peace. I’m willing to try it more often. Come with me!

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