LEAN Expectations is here!

I am so excited to announce that I am now certified to teach a fantastic course for expecting mamas. The course is called LEAN Expectations, and was designed by Dr. William Sears, a well-known pediatrician and author of over 40 books, including The Health Pregnancy Book, The Breastfeeding Book, The Attachment Parenting Book, and The Baby Book, just to name a few.

If you are in the Bay Area, please pass the word along to any women you know who are currently pregnant or perhaps are planning to become pregnant in the near future. Contact me with any questions, or if you’d like to take a class!

L.E.A.N. Expectations classes help women in any stage of pregnancy learn to make positive choices regarding lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition that will support them to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The three L.E.A.N. Essential workshops are –

  • Prepare RIGHT Now: Turn Your Pregnancy Into a Healthy New Beginning
  • Eat RIGHT Now: Experience Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy and Beyond
  • Live RIGHT Now: Make a Smooth Transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood

L.E.A.N. Essentials workshops may be taken at any time during pregnancy, by women planning to become pregnant, or by those who have recently had a baby. Participants receive booklets, healthy snacks, and participate in interactive activities.

The L.E.A.N. Essentials workshops can be taken individually or as a series. Each workshop is 2 hours long.



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