Just Get Started.

Motivation. It’s a challenge for all of us at different times. I posted this article on my Whole Life Health Facebook page last week, and it got me thinking about the things that stand in our way when we are facing something that seems scary or new. In the article, it talks about the activity of yoga, and how many people think that they need a bunch of stuff to start practicing yoga. For people who aren’t even sure if they’ll enjoy yoga, this can scare them off. Who wants to invest time and money procuring a bunch of accessories, only to find that you don’t want to continue with the activity?

The article’s author encourages the reader to drop that feeling of not being able to start without investing in new stuff. She points out that there’s really nothing needed to get started out with yoga. No yoga pants, no mat….not even an expensive class is necessary. There are a variety of free videos available from either your local library or online that can walk you through a yoga class without having to pay a single dime. You can do yoga in any clothes that are comfortable. You can do yoga in a carpeted room without a mat, or you can use a towel from your bathroom if you need something underneath you.

Yoga is just one example of a physical activity that costs nothing to start. What others can you think of? One of my favorite minimalism bloggers, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, has long held the belief that people don’t need expensive gym memberships or home gyms filled with equipment to get enough movement. He often speaks of one’s own body weight and the great outdoors as being all that’s required to support good health.

This might be a relief to you — or it might be overwhelming to realize that you now have a wide open door for movement! With nothing in our way, that can feel scary. Sometimes we use excuses as a way to keep from moving forward in life, whether it’s regarding exercise or something else. Just get started. Moving forward can only benefit you — give it a try and see!

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