It’s Never Too Late….Or Too Early

This week I read an article on about detoxifying your life. While the title focused on smokers, the rest of the article addressed all individuals who wanted to make a dent in cleaning up their overall health. The article mentions that lung damage is not irreparable, and that lungs can repair damaged tissues when people make good choices that nurture and nourish the lungs. The same is true of other types of damage done to the body.

This made me think of some of the mindsets that are out there from many people. Many people think it is “too late” to improve their health situations. For instance, the woman who figures that she has already done the damage to her body by years of eating foods that contain laboratory-produced chemicals. Or the man who decides that since he’s already overweight and is over 40, there’s no use in taking up running, even though he’s really curious about whether or not he’d enjoy it.

There’s also the “too early” mindset from younger folks. I often hear people in their early years of adulthood talk about how there is no reason to pay attention to their daily movement habits (or lack thereof), because they haven’t encountered any physical problems yet. And why would there be a need to develop a meditation habit, as they don’t feel any stress from life?

Everyone can benefit from taking a look at their lifestyles and habits. There are some really easy tips that do not require overhauling one’s entire life in order to make a difference in their current or future health. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could start young, and as a result, *never* have any severe health problems? Wouldn’t it be great if someone who has suffered for years from physical ailments could begin to heal, and have more time to spend with those they love? It is all possible.

The article lists some great tips for detoxing your body and life. Why wait? Start now.

You can read the Natural News article here.

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