Is Real Food More Expensive?

I get this question often. Many people have the perception that it’s wildly more expensive to eat real food, as opposed to processed edible items. Is it true?

This article recently revealed what one researcher found. Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian from the Harvard School of Public Health looked at more than 27 studies from 10 different developed countries. The information that he and his team reviewed included retail food prices grouped by healthfulness. They found that the difference between eating healthy food and unhealthy food came down to about $1.50 per day.

The article goes on to say that while this price differential can be a big deal for folks with low incomes, for those without these financial barriers, it’s barely noticeable. In fact, it’s less than their daily drinks from a coffee shop. Not to mention that this cost is WAY lower than the cost of illness and disease.

Was this one of your reasons for being reluctant to try switching over to more real foods? In the last line of the article, Dr. Mozaffarian says, “Just as an excuse to not eat healthy, for most Americans, I think price is not an excuse.”

Food for thought, so to speak.


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