I just read a fantastic story by Laura Flynn Endres of This is Fit Workouts. It’s a story of a woman who has MS, yet has managed to train for a half-marathon. Here is a link to the story.

If you’re thinking, “Wow, a half-marathon? I barely made it to my mailbox today without needing to rest!”, you are not alone.

In fact it’s something that nearly all of us have let ourselves fall prey to. “I couldn’t possibly do ____ (fill in the blank with the appropriate physical challenge). I’m not _____ (fill in the blank with the appropriate adjective) enough.”

Folks, this may be a shock, but I’m here to break the news to you: We lie to ourselves like this all the time.

Yes, there are certainly individuals who have challenges and limitations that keep them from being able to do certain things with their bodies. I am not denying that. There are also a number of individuals who are perfectly capable of pushing themselves to do things they never thought possible. And Pam from this story is a perfect example.

Those of us who are able-bodied OWE it to ourselves to use what we have. Get out there. Do SOMETHING. Even if you can only walk around the block, or down your driveway, DO IT. Please. Over time, it can make the difference between a healthy life and one filled with illness. Today my family walked 2 miles up a hill (but not both ways, thank you) to my daughter’s music class. When she asked me why we were walking instead of taking the bus, I had three reasons. 1. To save money on bus fare. 2. It’s a beautiful day. 3. Because we CAN. And because lots of people cannot. And because we owe it, as a tribute, to those folks who cannot, but who would GIVE ANYTHING to be able to. That is why.

Please read Pam’s story, and let it inspire you to do something now. And while you are at it, when you are finished reading the story, check out the 15-minute workouts on, where the story originated. They are quick and can be modified to suit needs of folks who feel they cannot meet the level of the workout right away. I will be interviewing Laura of This Is Fit very soon, as I think that she is a brilliant person who is offering a fantastic way to work movement into our days, FOR FREE. Stay tuned.

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