Hi, I’m Meredith

I’m glad you’re here!

Since this is the first post at my new website and blog, let me tell you why I’m here:

I’m a home-schooling mom with a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. I also like to have fun, so finding ways to combine healthy with enjoying life is a must. The day I realized that I could offer what I’ve learned so that others don’t have to make the same mistakes I have, I knew I had to do something. Healthy living is a powerful way to let the real you break free (you know, the you that isn’t tired, sick, and suffering from too much stress – you do remember THAT you, right?).

Though I continue to learn every day, I have put in countless hours of research, study, and good old trial-and-error in pursuit of the facts. I am especially focused on not swallowing commercial hype, but rather going deeper, finding the truth, and supplying real tools that you can can use to take control of health and lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

As part of this journey, I made the commitment to become a certified health coach. Additionally, I have found a line of non-toxic household and personal care products that is free of toxins (more about this later) and that ACTUALLY WORK. I use these products exclusively for myself and my family. I offer them as an option for you and yours – but they aren’t the only way. If you are the DIY (do it yourself) type, I will show you what toxins are in your household products right now. You don’t have to spend money to be safe. How you eliminate these toxic chemicals is up to you. Knowledge and your health are the important things.

I’ll be back periodically with posts about tips and tricks that I find helpful. I hope you will likewise find them helpful for yourself or someone you care about, and I would love to hear your stories and challenges.

Both the frustrations AND the big wins are important. What have you done to try and take back control of YOUR health? Please share so that we can together address concerns that are relevant to real people. Comment here, or contact me at M@MforHealth.com.

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