Good4You Plant Makeup Review


I’ve been on the search for safe personal care, home care, and cosmetic products for years. Ever since I read about my daughter’s baby shampoo having formaldehyde in it, I’ve made it my business to educate myself about just what exactly goes into the products we use every day and what some of those chemicals have been linked to in terms of health issues.

Earlier this year, after a company whose products I had faithfully used closed, I’ve been back on the hunt for new products, particularly cosmetics. I don’t wear much makeup, but every now and again I enjoy some color on my face. An additional challenge that I’ve found with search for cosmetics is that I’m a woman of color. Plant makeups will usually be lighter in color than the products made with synthetic dyes, and sometimes that equals to not showing up on skin that is any shade other than light. It’s been a fruitless search (see what I did there, it’s plant makeup, ha!) up until recently. Just a few months ago I discovered Good4You. It’s a small company, owned by Jes, and the ingredient lists really excited me. I bought a few things to try, then a few more….and then Jes was kind enough to throw three samples my way to add to the list of things I was planning to review for all of you.

Here are the things I bought:
1. Mascara
2. Madder Root lip and cheek stain
3. Foundation Balm (#2)
4. Foundation Powder (#2)
5. Beet and Hibiscous lip stain
6. Strawberry lip balm

Here are the things Jes sent me:
1. Rose Water cleanser
2. Turmeric balm
3. Seaweed and clay mask

Just to be clear, in the interest of full disclosure – I’m not getting anything for writing this review. I’m not an affiliate of any sort. I’ve already received the three free samples listed above, and the rest of the items I used my own cold hard cash for. So, on with the review.

My favorite product on the list is the madder root stain. At first I wasn’t using it correctly. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with plant-based makeup, it acts very different from the synthetic chemical-based stuff. I actually did know this, and yet, I still needed some practice. Jes very clearly states that you should “dig in” to get the maximum color. I thought I was digging in, but apparently I was being a bit too delicate. When I got more serious about really scooping out some of the product, you could tell the difference. It’s a nice “rust” shade on me. You can use it on my eyelids as well as cheeks and lips — wherever you want color! It’s shiny, which might not be everyone’s preference, but the reason it is that way is because of the incredible moisturizing ingredients it has. As someone who occasionally has dry spots on both skin and lips, it’s a welcome method of hydration.

My second favorite item is probably the strawberry lip balm. It leaves a light color and has a fantastic flavor from the berries. Little bits of strawberry exfoliate as well. My lips are soft and tasty — you can’t beat that.

There was nothing I disliked — just things I probably wouldn’t use as much as others, but that doesn’t necessarily have to do with how they are made. It has more to do with what kinds of products I personally use often versus rarely. Your mileage may vary since everyone uses different personal care products. Here are my thoughts on the rest of what I purchased.

The mascara — it is definitely a change from mascaras with iron oxides. But then, I no longer have interest in mascaras with iron oxides, so there is a tradeoff with that. If you pump the wand and play around with how much product you put on it, your results can be finagled with.

The foundation balm and powder — I like these two mixed together. The balm is lighter than the powder, and I was able to get just the right shade when I mixed the two together in amounts that I played around with for different results. When using the balm I had a shiny finish, and that’s okay with me. For those of you who like more of a matte, you’ll probably want to stick with the powder. The shine is due to the moisturizing oils and butters in the product, which my skin loves, so I’m okay with that. Another nice thing is that you can use these products together or separately. The balm is a great moisturizer on its own. The powder served as a nice eye shadow, and I’m actually thinking of getting the darker shade so that I could have a safe dark brown shadow!

The beet and hibiscous lip stain — This gives a different shade than the madder root, so it’s nice to have some variety. It’s not as shiny as the madder root stain, and it’s more purple. It still feels nice and moisturizing though, and again, can be used on cheeks and eyelids.

Turmeric balm — I have a hard time remembering to apply this. According to the description, it’s can be used for skin issues such as skin tags, warts, growths, and sun damage, as well as an eye shadow, highlighter, or concealer. I haven’t really had much to speak of in the way of skin issues at the moment. For those who use concealer or like a yellow shade of eye shadow, I think it would work really well. It’s very moisturizing, and turmeric has all sorts of benefits, so it’s nice to think about my skin absorbing that ingredient.

Seaweed and clay mask — I’m not a big mask person, but I actually loved the way this went on and rinsed off. At first I was thinking I smelled like sushi after applying (not necessarily a bad thing- yum!), but shortly after that I began to reminisce about the ocean, which was quite nice. I’d definitely recommend it for those who use masks. The great thing about powder masks is that they can just contain the plant ingredients and you can then mix with water, milk, yogurt, or some other carrier. I used water for mine, and it worked great. Other masks that come in squeeze tubes have to have preservatives to keep them shelf-stable, and therefore can’t really be purely plant-based.

Rose water cleanser — It has a nice, gentle foam. It made my face feel clean instead of greasy or dry. It has a lovely light scent, not overpowering at all.

So that’s my review. I am happy with the Good4You products that I’ve tried and would definitely recommend it to clients. There are so few companies out there that have products without synthetic Vitamin E (also listed as tocopherol) and other now popular preservatives such as sodium benzoate and others. I’m excited that I have found Jes! For those of you with a high bar for products that are going to go on your body, please give Good4You a look. I can’t wait to try some of her other products, including the aromatherapy oils, shampoo, conditioner….

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