Fermented Foods: Something Old Is New Again

One of the great trends in food right now is a shift back to fermentation. Right now these foods appear to be the latest craze, but the reality is that the concept of fermentation itself is not really new at all. Fermentation has existed as a way of preserving food for years. When our society became more advanced in technology and food preparation took some different turns, things shifted more towards processed food and away from fermented foods. Luckily, it appears that many folks are finding their way back to traditional whole foods, including more nutrient-rich foods containing probiotics.

This article gives a nice overview of the benefits of eating fermented foods. Not only are fermented foods high in enzymes and other beneficial goodies, they’re known for helping our digestive system in a major way. As the article mentions, you have several options for integrating these types of foods into your everyday eating regimen. If you’d like a little more information as to how else our bodies might benefit, check out this article about how mental health might be affected.

Directions abound online for making your own fermented foods, but if you aren’t the DIY type, that’s okay. There are plenty of folks who are making these and selling them. Just be sure you read the ingredients or ask questions of the producer if you’re purchasing something from an individual at a market. You want to avoid anything other than the cultures and the original food itself (cabbage, milk, etc.).

Around my house, my husband has taken to fermenting all kinds of foods. We’re now all stocked up with homemade sauerkraut and kefir. It’s a new taste but both my daughter and I have been easing into it. Have you tried it in your home yet?


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