Are You Up for a Challenge?

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

You still consider yourself to be “young” in the grand scheme of what you hope will be a long life. But you weren’t born yesterday. You suspect there’s more to life than what you’re living right now, although you’re not necessarily unhappy. You feel like you “get it” when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. You shop at Whole Foods and farmer’s markets, and you have nothing to learn from a nutritionist or a personal trainer.

If you think you know it all, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. In a kind and loving way, of course! ?

Are you up for a bit of a challenge? One you can take at your own pace but that will still result in changing you in ways you might not have predicted? If any of the things on the following list intrigue you, or you find yourself thinking, “Oh, I wish I could do that, but…..” — you might be a fit for a new small group program I’m creating. 

-Living car-free or car-lighter

-Reducing dependence on your phone

-Having more fulfilling relationships with friends and family

-Eliminating the level of toxins you’re exposed to

-Starting your day focusing on what really matters

These are all areas that I’ve been asked about extensively over the years. They keep coming up, no matter where I’ve lived or what circles I’m running in. And every time I get questions, they are always followed up with the same sentiment. People say, “Oh, I really wish I could do that but I just can’t.”

Well, you’re wrong. In a good way! Because you can. And I can show you how.

This first small group trial will be offered at a deeply discounted price since it’s my first time through. We’ll start mid-May and the program will last 6 weeks. It will combine individual attention with a community and group learning. Want to know more? Send me an e-mail at M [at] MforHealth [dot] com to find out if you’d be a good fit. 

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