A Little Help

There is a grocery store in Clearwater, Florida, that has just hired the nation’s first employee dedicated to researching GMOs in products. This store has not only committed to finding out if a product has GMOs, but has also committed to carry only products without GMOs going forward.

This story first made me jealous (why can’t I live in Clearwater??), and then made me hopeful (maybe they will start a trend?).  What if we didn’t have to go it alone when it came to reading labels and researching companies? What if we had a little help? What if that help came from stores that decided they cared about their customers, and thought it was in their customers’ best interests to know what was in the foods they were eating? Wow.

Thank you, Nature’s Food Patch. May your example inspire others to do the same!


  • Julie

    I too hope that this is a trend. Maybe some of the larger grocery chains will get on this bandwagon.

    I hate the thought of what is in our food supply. I scrutinize labels and cook whole foods (not prepared packaged foods) as much as possible. But it isn’t easy in this world of GMO’s, additives, and preservatives to discern what is good for us.

    • Meredith

      You’re right, Julie, it is not easy to know what we are really eating, even when looking at whole foods sometimes! Hopefully if people support the stores who are trying to do the right thing, other stores will see the benefit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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